Dalwale Amisha Singh

"I feel great studying at Tapasya Educational Institutions, the faculty and the management are really good. The atmosphere of learning and teaching are pretty friendly. Faculties explains the subject very clearly which helped me achieve state 1st rank.”  

Marks: 494 (State 1st Rank)

H.T.N: 1960112669

B. Shruthi

“Tapasya is the only place where you should be, if you are searching for good coaching and guidance. They have exceptional knowledge in subjects and also their teaching methods are quite unique. Faculty will explain everything even for 100times without hesitation if you're not getting it, they make sure that you understand every concept clearly before moving to next. ”  

Marks: 493 (State 2nd Rank)

H.T.N: 1958154450

K.Lasya Reddy

“This is one of the best Intermediate College I have come across. Faculty gives individual attention to all the students, and I have not seen another place where a lecturer almost spends their entire day for us. Lecturers possess exceptional and in-depth subject knowledge and teaches us the basics which helps us to understand the concepts clearly and doubts are clarified on spot.”  

Marks: 492 (State 3rd Rank)

H.T.N: 1958148668

Mirza NomaanBaig

“Tapasya has everything and met my expectations, the way they teach and train and spare the time for learning the concepts which really helped me to achieve the top state marks in IPE 2019.”

Marks: 491/500

H.T.N: 1958153889

R. Sai Kumar Goud

“Tapasya made me learn the importance of time and its seriousness, without which I never would have able to get top state marks in IPE. Thank You Tapasya.”

Marks: 491/500

H.T.N: 195814454

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